Field Service Manager II



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Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2024



Field Service Manager (FSM) II

The Organization

SeekOps Inc. develops and deploys advanced sensor technology for the energy sector to detect, localize, and quantify methane emissions through integrated drone-based systems. SeekOps’ unique sensor design eliminates false positive readings and localizes emissions sources to provide actionable data to oil and gas, and biogas and landfill operators in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and Asia and Oceania. Backed by funding from the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Climate Investments (OGCI-CI), Equinor Technology Ventures (ETV), Schlumberger and Caterpillar Ventures, SeekOps provides best-in-class technology to meet increasingly stringent environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) reporting requirements, and enables customers worldwide to realize their goal of reducing methane intensity from operations.

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The Position

The field service manager II (FSM II) reports directly to the director of operations and assists business development initiatives, acting as the primary contact for designated accounts and building strategic partnerships with customers and Drone Service Providers (DSP). This role is responsible for organizing and maintaining field equipment inventory, warehouse organization, and equipment maintenance schedules, as well as acting as the operations point of contact with the hardware department. The FSM II oversees the development, management, and delivery of advanced training curriculum, instructing customers on the operation of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), flight/mission planning, and Seek-IR emissions monitoring in different verticals. They also coordinate flight schedules, airspace, and resources, and supervise and mentor FSM I team members.

Job Responsibilities

Depending upon the specific focus, the activities may be more focused on technical operational delivery or training. As such, the responsibilities below will be highlighted in those areas accordingly.


  • Manage field projects from start (Proposal) to finish (Report Delivery and customer debrief), ensuring all services meet company quality standards, client specifications, and third-party Drone Service Providers (DSPs) meet contractually agreed Standards of Performance.
  • Identify customer requirements and develop presentations to clients and other critical stakeholders.
  • Participate in business development opportunities alongside business development team and maintain strong client relationships, attending all meetings and calls throughout the project process.
  • Participate in operational planning and implement procedures and systems to maximize operating efficiency and minimize operational cost.
  • Act as a primary contact with DSP for designated accounts and build, cultivate, and develop strategic partnerships and relationships.
  • Provide product and service demonstrations.
  • Ensure that engineering Key Operational Performance and Service Quality Indicators are captured.
  • Assist the DSPs in ensuring data is captured according to contractually agreed terms and confirming that data QA/QC steps have been performed, data uploaded and any contextual operational, environmental or performance data has been documented after each flight.
  • Assist in the development, updating, and management of the training curriculum to include lectures, simulation, and practical service delivery material, including the delivery of classroom/virtual instruction to customers, DSPs, and staff members.
  • Evaluate, recruit, onboard, and train new DSPs to ensure alignment with SeekOps objectives, ensuring suitable confidentiality agreements are in place to facilitate open discussions.
  • Perform project risk management and ensure that key milestones are reached.
  • Develop and maintain schedules in coordination with other field activities and the operations director, ensuring the centralized schedule is always kept current and any schedule conflicts are immediately highlighted.
  • Maintain currency with applicable UAS regulations, waivers, and new technology.
  • Ensure that all appropriate steps in digital workflow have been signed off by appropriate parties (if applicable).
  • Organize inventory of field equipment, asset tracking, and create / maintain equipment maintenance schedules and communicate any hardware / software needs to the responsible product line manager.
  • Organize warehouse and allocate equipment needed for successful field deployments.
  • Handle FAA (and other international regulatory) documentation for UAS compliance.
  • Check equipment before a flight to ensure safe and proper operation and analyze weather forecasts to ensure safe flights.
  • Document pre- and post-flight logs, monitor drones during flight, and plan drone flight routes.
  • Travel to and from remote field locations across the world and work with field team members in a crew environment.
  • Check weather, applicable regulations, and coordinate with clients/leaseholders.
  • Plan and execute complex multirotor UAS-Methane survey missions as directed by the director of operations.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  • Work closely with project team members to ensure full understanding of the scope, priorities, and deadlines.
  • Assist with time and resource management throughout the project planning and execution.
  • Engage in development, delivery, and review of all reporting materials for the client: data outputs, analytical summary report, etc., and monitor timeliness of delivery to customer.
  • Advocate, encourage, and coordinate “lessons learned” and exchange and information transfer within the operations team, and participate in external publications, presentations, and patent generation where appropriate.
  • Attending UAS technology conferences to stay up to date on upcoming technology of relevance to optimizing products and services.


  • Engineering and logistics planning for new and complex operations
  • Identify ways to improve SOP and provide strategic planning and analytical input to assist with the technical assessment of UAS-related R&D products and projects.
  • Support initial and change management-initiated acquisition planning.
  • Perform technical and systems evaluation of new UAS hardware, software, and other sensor deployment platforms.
  • Perform UAS testing, including test planning, range coordination, execution, data collection and analysis, post-test reporting, documentation, and briefing of test results of ground and flight tests and evaluations of aircraft and aircraft systems and sensors.
  • In collaboration with engineering and business development, establish and maintain ongoing performance metrics to monitor project performance and milestones.
  • Work with the hardware and software teams to develop and assist in the execution of the field test plan for any new sensors, GCS and software, processing, analysis, and reporting tools.
  • Research, recommend, and implement complementary technologies that could make operations more efficient and add value-add products/features where appropriate.
  • Support and assess planning, design, and deployment processes for integration of UAS systems, including analyses of alternative hardware and software.
  • Identify emerging and innovative technologies to optimize system performance and achieve UAS program objectives.
  • Support the solution architecture, system development, deployment, and maintenance of automated UAS systems to enhance UAS operations.
  • Coordinate and review final Commercial Product and Service documentation to include specifications, engineering reports, and maintenance and user manuals.


  • Manage the design, development, maintenance, operation, and schedule of the ‘Test and Training Facility’ in Austin.
  • Manage the ‘Train’ the Trainer process, including the collection, verification of hours, and certification of their performance, and recommendation of readiness for the process.
  • Ensure BVLOS waivers are obtained as necessary and when appropriate.
  • Develop, update, and manage the training curriculum to include lectures, simulation, and practical service delivery material, including the delivery of classroom/virtual instruction to customers, DSPs, and staff members.
  • Ensure student training records are current and accurate.
  • Communicate directly with the customer to provide effective feedback on student progress.
  • Instruct customers on operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), flight/mission planning, Seek-IR emissions monitoring in different verticals (oil and gas, biogas, landfills, and mining).

Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years of experience in the field
  • Experience with deployment of commercial drone services
  • FAA Part 107 Certification (and internationally recognized equivalents if appropriate)
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills, ability to work with people at all levels.
  • Advanced knowledge of Python, data visualization tools, or orthomosaic processing tools
  • Experienced Microsoft Office user, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint
  • Must be able to meet the physical requirements of OGUK Offshore Medical Examination
  • Additional language(s) (Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, etc.) preferred but not required.

The main roles, duties, and responsibilities shown above are not exhaustive but should merely be regarded as a guide. The employee will be expected to conduct any reasonable activities according to the business at that time.