Sr. Backend Developer



Software Engineering
Austin, TX, USA
Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2024



Senior Backend Developer

The Organization

SeekOps Inc. develops and deploys advanced sensor technology for the energy sector to detect, localize, and quantify methane emissions through integrated drone-based systems. SeekOps’ unique sensor design eliminates false positive readings and localizes emissions sources to provide actionable data to oil and gas, and biogas and landfill operators in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and Asia and Oceania. Backed by funding from the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Climate Investments (OGCI-CI), Equinor Technology Ventures (ETV), Schlumberger and Caterpillar Ventures, SeekOps provides best-in-class technology to meet increasingly stringent environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) reporting requirements, and enables customers worldwide to realize their goal of reducing methane intensity from operations.

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The Position

The senior backend developer reports to the software solutions manager and works to evaluate and improve SeekOpsdata products and processes. This role will collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers on a wide range of problems. The backend developer functions to develop and maintain the core infrastructure for data products, visualizations, reports, and ensuring our internal and external customers can effectively recall analyzed data, with an emphasis on data security and reliability.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain a Django backend framework and associated services (postgreSQL database, task queue with async workers using python Prefect, web servers & mapping services)
  • Create and modify data models to satisfy requirements of the SeekOps data products
  • Maintain and optimize existing data pipelines, which are primarily written in Python and rely heavily on Pandas, NumPy, and Xarray
  • Build out new services to interact with IoT devices (Realm, gRPC)
  • Optimize existing data models and database interactions for more efficient data storage and retrieval.
  • Work with development team to build and maintain unit/system tests – meet >80% coverage
  • Develop and build enterprise level integrations for customers
  • Collaborate with frontend team to development and maintain the REST API which integrates with the ReactJS application and backend services.
  • Development, optimization and sustaining efforts for backend asynchronous tasks and outputs
  • DevOps / Architecture support - monitoring, troubleshooting, and sustaining the software architecture (Kubernetes, Azure k8s, Github Actions workflows)
  • Participate in software defect remediation – triage, troubleshoot and fix bugs as they are discovered
  • Ensure code quality based on the organizations coding standards, perform code reviews, and maintain documentation.
  • Work within the Scrum framework, participating in sprint planning, stand-ups, and retrospectives.

Skills & Qualifications

  • BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent (MS Preferred)
  • 5+ years of experience in development and maintenance of production-level software using an Object-Oriented language, preferably Python. Proficiency in Python is required.
  • Experience with the following framework, architecture, and concepts:
    1. Django web framework
    2. RESTful APIs (python-based REST API experience preferred, specifically Django-rest-framework)
    3. Database design and implementation (SQL / PostgresSQL)
    4. CI/CD Pipeline (GitHub Actions)
    5. Version Control (GitHub)
    6. Authentication and encryption (JWT, AES)
  • Experience with the following technologies and concepts:
    1. Containerized Cloud Infrastructure (Docker/Kubernetes, Helm)
    2. Microsoft Azure (AKS, Storage Accounts, Monitoring, etc)
    3. Asynchronous task queues (Python Prefect)
    4. Data Analysis libraries (pandas, numpy, xarray)
    5. Experience with optimizing large dataset manipulation using python technologies (Polars, Dask, etc) encouraged
    6. GIS knowledge and experience (GeoJSON, PostGIS)
  • Experience with modeling scientific and engineering concepts

The main roles, duties, and responsibilities shown above are not exhaustive but should merely be regarded as a guide. The employee will be expected to conduct any reasonable activities according to the business at that time.